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Breezy Thursday, Snow Friday Afternoon.

There’s a high pressure system to our south in Iowa and a low to the north of Lake Winnipeg. The high brings mostly clear skies for places south of the Iron Range and the low brings a few clouds for locations north. The pressure gradient between the two gives us a southwest wind at 5-15mph. Low temperatures are around -5 to -10 away from the lake and closer to 0 to 5 closer to the lake.

The low moves into southwestern Ontario and the high sits on the border of Wisconsin and Illinois by the afternoon Thursday. Expect partly cloudy skies and windier conditions as the two systems are a bit closer together. Winds are out of the southwest at 10-20mph. High temperatures are in the low to mid 20sfor most of the region with a couple places getting up to the upper 20s around the South Shore.

A shortwave in the jet stream creates a small low pressure system that moves east into the region on Friday. The morning is cloudy, and by the afternoon expect a 60% chance of snow. Around 1-3” is possible with an emphasis on 1” for Northern Minnesota and 2-3” in Northern Wisconsin. Morning low temps are near 2 and highs get up to 19.

Arctic air spills south into Saturday as a large upper level low is just to our north and a trough in the jet stream starts to form over the region. Morning lows are down to 0 and highs are near 12 with mostly cloudy skies.

The trough digs deeper over the Great Lake States and the cold air sinks further to the south. Morning lows are down to -12 and highs reach 5 by the afternoon. Skies are partly cloudy.

The air is cold and dry on Monday, but a weak wave in the jet stream’s trough will kick off some clouds and the possibility of a 20% chance of Hollywood snow. Morning lows are around -12 again and highs reach 7.

Adam Clark

Chief Meteorologist

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