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St. Louis County: Clear snow to keep mailboxes safe

DULUTH, MN — With more snow in the forecast, St. Louis County officials are urging residents to shovel out their mailboxes to minimize the risk of damage from snow plows.

“Our crews are doing the best they can to plow 3,000 miles of roads to keep them safe and driveable. Homeowners need to remember that they are responsible for shoveling around their mailbox,” says Highway Division Superintendent Gordy Halverson.

Officials say when mailboxes get damaged, it’s typically not by the snow plow, but by the high volume of snow coming off the side of the plow blade.

Clearing the snow away from a mailbox provides more space for that snow to go, lessening the likelihood of damage.

Property owners are also reminded that when clearing snow from driveways, it is illegal to push or dump snow into the roadway because of the hazard it creates for motorists.

Kaitlyn Moffett

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