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2019 could see bonding bill that would fund key NE Minnesota projects

Governor Tim Walz has unveiled his $49 billion budget proposal.

And with it could come a bonding bill that may help fund some key projects in Northern Minnesota.

Governor Walz said he left a line open on the budget for a potential $1.5 billion bonding bill, which could be used to fund projects statewide.

Northeastern Minnesota will have to compete with cities all around the state to get our projects funded.

Projects that could be funded in the bill would be a nearly $200 million ask to reshape Duluth’s medical District as part of the Essentia and St. Luke’s expansion projects, $15 million for a new fire hall in Virginia, and $5.5 million for a mental health facility in Buhl, and much more.

Walz said it won’t be just a bonding bill that puts a focus on areas outside the Twin Cities.

“We are going to restore local government aid to our communities. We are going to restore county program aid to our county leaders. We are going to remove sales tax off mobile construction materials. All these things will reduce significantly property taxes, in conjunction with starting to equalize funding for schools,” he said.

Walz said he expects to have a better idea of what a bonding bill could look like next week.

Reporter Anthony Matt

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