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Weather closures force Superior to add to school year

SUPERIOR, WI–With weather forcing schools to cancel class several times during the last week, the Superior School District will need to add to its school year.

Superior School officials say they build two “inclement weather days” into the year, but just last week they had to use three because of the bitter cold.

Due to that decision, the district needs to either add days to the school year or minutes to each school day in order to meet state instruction guidelines.

Superior’s Superintendent Amy Starzecki plans to announce their decision soon.

Superior did not have to cancel classes Thursday, as a pre-planned teacher in-service day was already scheduled.

Meanwhile, Duluth did cancel classes Thursday; however, Duluth School District officials say they don’t need to add days to their school year yet.

Last week, Governor Tim Walz granted Minnesota schools a pass on the state’s instruction timeline because of the cold weather. Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction has already issued guidance state-wide to superintendents clarifying that the state will not waive the hours requirement due to the extreme weather state-wide this winter.

Briggs LeSavage

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