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Despite the latest winter storm, the Northland still made the best of the snow

DULUTH, MN– This latest winter storm has not only left a mess for homeowners to deal with, but it’s also leaving a mess on the roads.

For much of Thursday night, Department of Transportation officials on both sides of the border advised no travel.

“We have completely snow covered roads in most of our eight-county district,” said Beth Petrowske, MnDOT public affairs coordinator.

Due to the persistent snowfall, crews are doing the best they can to make roads as safe as possible, but additional plow drivers are being brought in from other divisions.

“The thing is with snow like this, where it’s so light and powdery, these are the conditions where it’s most likely that our snow plows are gonna kick up really big snow clouds that are completely blinding if you’re behind the plow,” said  Petrowske.

Crews will move into residential roads and neighborhoods as soon as the main roads are clear and the snow begins to taper off.

But despite another winter storm in our region, Duluthians got out to make the best of it.

Even the zoo animals seemed to enjoy the fresh, fluffy coat of snow.

“They’re pretty well equipped for the snow. They have really good undercoats and stuff that keeps all the wet and the cold out, When there’s a wind chill advisory I do lock them in at night, but other than that they’re pretty much good to go. So they actually like being out in the snow,” said Jessica Phoenix, Lake Superior zookeeper.

Making us all remember why we’re happy to live in the Northland.

CeCe Gaines

Multimedia Journalist

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