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Get Outdoors: Snowshoeing in the Gunflint Trail

GRAND MARAIS, MN – There’s more than enough snow this season for everyone who likes outdoor winter recreation. In this week’s Get Outdoors, Meteorologist Adam Lorch heads up the North Shore to check out winter’s playground in the Northwoods.

About two hours north of Duluth, up the Gunflint trail, you can find a treasure trove of winter activities to do.

Rachelle Christianson, Owner/Operator of the Skyport Lodge, said “Luckily up here in the Northwoods we get an abundance of snow and it calls in a varied demographic of people we see everyone coming up to chase the snow on their snowmobiles on their skis, cross country skis, snowshoe. We have a lot of snow plans we typically see a lot of people up here.”

This time I’m up here to do some snowshoeing. And they certainly have the base for it up here.

I jump off the trail without snowshoes to see how deep the snow is and say, “You just sink right down. That’s a lot of snow! That’s why you need snow shoes”

Christianson says, “The George Washington Pines is a mixed use trail which is managed by our forest service I will see people often here hiking or cross country skiing or snowshoeing.”

This trail has a fairly short loop that you can do in a couple hours, depending on how fast you want to go

“The quietness of the woods, getting to hear the birds. If there’s a light breeze you can hear the trees whistling. Just being outside is really peaceful to me and it calms my spirit.” said Christianson.

It’s no wonder why so many people visit this place, even on the coldest week of the year.

Cory Christianson, Owner/Operator of the Skyport Lodge, says “It’s a natural attraction for people really for a wide variety of activities. It hosts almost any activity you can do outdoors.”

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Meteorologist Adam Lorch

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