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Community steps in to help Whitecap Ski Resort

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UPSON, WI — The Whitecap Ski Resort in northern Wisconsin may have been heavily damaged by a fire last Friday. But officials say the resort didn’t miss one day of business.

It didn’t take long for the Whitecap Ski Resort to come up with a backup plan, after their main lodge was heavily damaged in a fire.

“We were open the next morning, we were able to check in guests once we had power stability, the night of the fire,” said Director of Marketing, Summer White Eagle.

Guests were escorted to the nearby hotel, but others stepped in to help make sure the hotel experience was similar to what they would experience at the resort.

“We also did a partnership with Hobby Wheel for rentals in town, and we’re able to do rentals through them,” added White Eagle.

But the help doesn’t stop there.

“As of the night of, we were getting calls, messages from local business owners, independent people that were offering assistance on reaching out. We had deliveries given to us the next day on things that people thought we would need, which we did,” said White Eagle.

Things like office supplies and tools were given to the staff, to make sure the guest experience is genuine.
For the staff, the most thoughtful thing they received was the presence of visitors.

“We were packed Saturday, they came out and that’s the supportive, if the number one support here is coming out skiing, having fun, staying in the hotel, going out to the wine hut, and being present here, that’s what really prompted us to quickly move forward,” added White Eagle.

As for plans on a new main lodge.

“Our planner architect is coming this week, we will be doing our own demo. And then we’ll look for a construction company to assist in the rebuild. There’s already a design laid out,” said White Eagle.

The goal is to be open on December 1st 2019, just in time for the next ski season.

Neil Vierzba

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