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Welty changes up snow sculpture design

A well-known Duluth snow sculptor is back at it, after his original design lost its head.

Harry Welty has been building sculptors for more than 30 years in his front yard off of 21st Avenue East. Recently he had made a sculpture he dubbed “Baby New Year.”

But after the head fell off, he decided to change it up to symbolize a handshake between two people of different ethnic backgrounds. Welty says the message is quite simple.

“[It’s] a very, kind of tired symbolism of how people ought to get along. People of different shades, maybe different languages, maybe different religions–somehow that seems to be a more appropriate way to greet the new year. [It’s] a sense that maybe we all can get along,” said Welty.

Welty says he used previous remnants of the old sculpture to build the new design, which took almost six hours to complete.

Neil Vierzba

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