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Tips for staying safe on New Year’s Eve

DULUTH, MN — With New Year’s Eve celebrations happening throughout the Northland, experts warn partiers to play it safe in the midst of potentially dangerous weather.

Our meteorologists say most of the snowfall is behind us, but it’s still going to be important to bundle up thanks to wind chills that will make it feel like 25 to 40 degrees below zero.

“You want to cover up as much skin as possible,” Meteorologist Kaitlyn Moffett said. “Wear hats, gloves, as well as anything around the neck. Your scarf, whatever.”

Experts say to cover up all parts of your skin since frostbite can occur on exposed skin within 30 minutes of being out in tonight’s conditions.

Our meteorologists advise wearing hats, gloves, coats, and even waterproof gear if you have it.

“As soon as you get wet, or as soon as your feet get wet, you’re instantly — your body temperature is going to drop, and you are going to get cold faster,” Moffett said.

Medical experts say alcohol consumption can have an affect on your body, as well.

“Oftentimes people’s perception of the cold is a little blunted, and so they may not realize that they’re starting to become hypothermic until they are profoundly, and then we’re kind of behind the ball in terms of getting them warmed up,” Essentia Health Emergency Physician Christopher Peters said.

For those who plan on drinking, Peters says to be smart, and use your resources.

“Stay in groups and get a ride,” Peters said. “We’ve got Uber, we’ve got Lyft, we’ve got local cabs, and tonight’s the night to use them.”

Because of last’s weeks heavy snowfall on top of this week’s fresh snow, road conditions will be dangerous.

“This fresh snow fell on top of that. It’s now already frozen, and if that’s not being plowed into tonight or into tomorrow, it’s going to just be an icey mess on the roadways,” Moffett said. “This could cause problems for several days until it gets completely cleared from all those roadways.”

Above all, experts say you’re safer in numbers.

“Stay in groups, be safe, and get a ride home if you’ve been drinking,” Peters said.

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