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Your Green Life: At Sara’s Table carries sustainable tradition

DULUTH, MN– Sustainable practices and locally sourced. Those are two important details for business for those who work at Sara’s Table.

The cafe, bar, bakery, and restaurant sits in the heart of Chester Park and draws in people who appreciate its local menu and quirky practices.

15 years in the making, At Sara’s Table Chest Creek Cafe workers say they draw in a crowd who appreciates their efforts to improve the environment.

Executive Chef, Jillian Forte says, “people feel that they’re making a wise choice with their food choices and their ecological footprint when they come here.”

It all started at the beginning when new owners refurbished pieces of the building during remodeling.  Forte says, “they reclaimed all the old flooring and made the tables, the bar, the ceiling.”

From their decor to their menu.  “We grow a lot of our own food. We get produce from five to six different big farms. We get a lot of our meats from Minnesota so the transportation costs are lower.”

Forte says the business makes sure to reduce its amount of waste produced every chance they get. “We are always thinking can this go in the compost, does this have to go in the trash, does it have to go in the recycling.”

The cafe even works to assure what little plastic they do use is environmentally friendly.

“We have a lot of compostable to-go containers, utensils, cups. We have a no straw policy now, we’re trying to go as plastic free as possible,” says the chef.

And the head chef assures each new menu follows the businesses passion for a green lifestyle.  “I think part of our menu is about education, about what is available and what’s local and what’s in season.”

Sara’s table is located on 8th street in Duluth.

They say in the future they hope to reduce their carbon footprint even more and want to educate other business on how easy it can be to go green.

Jessie Slater

Evening Anchor and Reporter

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