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Historically, the Christmas City of the North Parade weather has been quite interesting

The Northland is famous for its winter weather, which has often had a big impact on the Christmas City of the North Parade.

Chief Meteorologist Adam Clark says:

“My perfect parade is just some light snow flurries, I call it Hollywood snow with very little wind”

Sometimes Mother Nature stays tame, like last year when temperatures were in the 30’s and it stayed nice and dry.

As we’ve learned, just about anything can happen in mid to late November.

In 2008 temperatures were in the low teens and 2 years ago was unforgettable with heavy snow falling and strong winds blowing.

“My worst parade was when it was really windy and cold, I was sick and I couldn’t find Santa!”

This year, Adam says conditions will be chilly.

“We’ve got a cold front that’s coming through that’s going to transport colder air, its going to be breezy, a little bit on the cold side but it will stay dry. Upper 20’s.”

While the weather conditions can be extreme.. there’s been one constant for the last 60 years: Northlanders will show up to watch by the hundreds.

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Jenna Lake


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