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Michigan voters approve the legalization of marijuana for adult use

Voters in Michigan approved a ballot initiative Tuesday to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana for adult use.

The proposal was leading 58-42 with 54 percent of precincts reporting when CNN called the election.

Michigan is the 10th state to make marijuana possession legal for adults 21 and older, and it is the ninth state to establish a system for regulating commercial cultivation and sales for adult use.

A Gallup poll released October 22nd shows support for making marijuana legal in the U.S. had reached a record high of 66 percent, with only 32 percent opposed.

Approximately two out of three voters back legalization in each of the four major geographic regions of the country, and support spans the political spectrum, with majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents in favor of legalizing marijuana.

Ryan Haff

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