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Get Outdoors: Fall Kayaking

This time of year, the trails around the Northland can be wet and muddy. But if your’e still chomping at the bit to get outside KBJR 6’s Adam Lorch shows us why kayaking may be the go to.
Getting outdoors in the fall can be a bit limited compared to winter and summer. But there are still many places to explore.
Jake Boyce, Co-Owner of Day Tripper of Duluth, said “This time of the year the woods or awfully squishy with all the rain that we’ve been having. But Lake Superior is always wet so we can go out and paddle on it as long as the water is nice it’s really nice time of year to paddle.”
Even with a chill in the air, once you’re in the gear,  provided by Day Tripper of Duluth, you’ll warm right up.
Boyce said, “Nice and warm with all the care that we provide. Wetsuits, paddling jackets, peddling mittens or gloves. We done a kayak tour in every month but January so far.”
Jake Boyce is taking me on a tour of Brighton Beach. We even get to go up the Lester River.
“Try to base it off customer preference, Lake superior is in charge so she has the final say no matter what. But we have done our website when you book a tour you can choose Brighton Beach, Park Point, or St. Louis River Estuary. And we have split rock is an option as well. ” said Boyce.
And with colder temperatures and snow in the forecast, now’s also a good time to book your trips for the winter!
Boyce said, “Winter activities are fat biking which is most popular, Cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Nice thing about fat biking is we can do it as long as the trails are frozen, we actually have studded tires on all of our bikes so you can ride on pure ice.”
Kayaking on Lake Superior is very wind dependent… so keep an eye on that pinpoint forecast for the best days to head out.

Meteorologist Adam Lorch

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