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Get Outdoors: Hiking Lutsen Mountain

It’s hard to believe we are just a few weeks away from ski resorts opening across the Northland. But before it gets too cold Meteorologist Adam Lorch is hitting the slopes, so to speak and hiking up one of the North Shore’s most popular ski hills.
Lutsen Mountain isn’t just a destination for winter activities. Hiking is great year-round.
Jim Vick, Marketing Director of Lutsen Mountain said “Anything from 50 yard walk to and overlooked tack, to a mountaintop loop, to a four and a half mile trek back. We have a spur trail that connects to the superior hiking trail so you can ride up to gain your elevation then hike back to the base area.”
There’s a hike for whatever you have time for. And even though the fall colors are not as bright, this time of the year offers something uniqe.
“Just finished up a fall color season where your immersed in color, The advantage of this time of the year now is with the leaves down the vistas are so much more impressive.” said Vick.
The Poplar River runs through Luten too, offering some beautiful scenery as you hike.
Vick said, “Gets constricted to the river valley and the waterfall tumbles down and winds kind of all between the ski runs and exits down by Lutsen resort Lake Superior.”
There’s even a set of waterfalls that’s easy to get to.
Linda Jurek, Executive Director of Visit Cook County said “The waterfalls for being such a short hike, come and see this. It’s accessible to most people, it’s just a quick jump from the parking lot.”
And if you’re itching to get on the slopes, the Lutsen crew is already gearing up for a busy winter season.
Vick said, “Snow guns have already been positions on the runs. Running water through them and they been tested and really any day now.”
Lutsen Mountain is hoping to open some runs as early as November 17th, weather permitting.

Meteorologist Adam Lorch

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