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Your Green Life: Lake Avenue Restaurant homegrown, locally sourced

DULUTH, MN– Local people, local design,  local food. Lake Avenue Restaurant in Duluth’s Canal Park encompasses all thing local.

They even went beyond the usual farm to table signature to call themselves locavores.

Lake Avenue Restaurant resides, you guessed it on South Lake Avenue in Canal Park.

In the heart of a tourist area, the business strives to keep everything close to home. “Everything here we try to do as local as possible,” says 9-year co-owner, Derek Snyder.

Snyder says its something that comes naturally.  “Really for us it just kind of means that if there is something local and its something that we like, we want to use it.

Executive Chef, Jeffrey Zervas works to build a menu that supports local farmers.  He says, “if you don’t source locally and support the farmers that we have, you’re going to run into big market producers that fill with GMO’s and chemicals that you don’t want to be eating and putting in your body.”

But its more than just what is made in the kitchen. “Not only do we source just our food to try to be as local as possible but a lot of our things in the restaurant itself, you know these tables are reclaimed lumber, the booths, the bar. You know even from our liquor we try to do as local as possible,” says Zervas.

The owners say the farm to table lable isn’t enough,  they call themselves and their food Locavore.

“When we opened this restaurant we always tried to think of a word other than farm to table because we wanted to be so much more than that. We felt like we were born and raised here and our roots were here,” says Snyder.

A Community working with their neighbors to stay afloat. Snyder says, “in a way, it’s like a co-op where we support other businesses while providing for our business.”

And for Snyder, everything about his business is perfectly in place. “This year, 2018 has been the restaurant I’ve always wanted to own.”

Snyder co-owns the restaurant with Mark Swenson and Laura Haack,

The business also offers trips to local farms where people can check out where their food is sourced while enjoying a meal.

Lake Avenue Resturant just celebrated its 26th anniversary on Friday.

Jessie Slater

Evening Anchor and Reporter

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