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Mother of deceased five-week-old boy speaks out

Duluth, MN — Virginia Chaterlays says even more than two months after the death of her five-week-old baby boy, she has no idea how the child died.

“We’re just as clueless as to what happened. We don’t know who did this to our baby, or how it happened,” she said.

Chaterlays claims the infant was left in the care of his father for a couple of hours. She says she eventually received a phone call from the father who said the child was being fussy.

Chaterlays says when she arrived home, the baby was cold and yellow. She says a warm shower did nothing.

They ended up waiting two hours for a cab to bring them to St. Luke’s Hospital.

Chaterlays said the doctors told her the infant was bleeding internally and had suffered a fractured skull.

The baby was taken to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis where he was pronounced dead on August 10th.

“I never let him go anywhere besides with me or with his dad,” said Chaterlays.

His dad, who she says loved their son dearly, and who also takes care of her 3-year-old.

“All I have to say is that we loved our family so much, and we did everything for our kids,” said Chaterlays.

This week, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner ruled the cause of death of the 5-week-old as a homicide.

“I don’t know, I don’t know who would hurt my baby. I don’t,” said Chaterlays.

What she does know, is that she has been the subject of violent threats since.

“It just hurts to wake up every day getting a death threat. Or somebody saying, ‘I hope you die’, ‘I hope you don’t get your kids back,’ and ‘I’m gonna kick you in your stomach,’ I’m gonna do all this stuff to you. ‘I hope you get raped.’ It just hurts,” she said.

That hurt, she says, is being felt by the father as well.

Chaterlays said, “I don’t like that people are making him feel like this too. Because he doesn’t deserve this.”

The pain of losing a child, compounded by questions unanswered.

“Nobody Deserves to feel like this,” said Chaterlays, “Everybody knows I love my babies. And I would never put no harm in them,” she said.

Homicide, by definition, is the death of a human caused by another human.  However, that does not mean a crime may have taken place.

The Duluth Police Department says it’s investigating.

Reporter Anthony Matt

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