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Vukmir, Duffy head to Superior on campaign trail

Superior got a visit from two major GOP candidates Tuesday just two weeks ahead of the November mid-term election.

Republican Senate candidate Leah Vukmir made a stop at Aces in Superior as she continues her “Wisconsin Way” campaign tour.

Vukmir was joined by Congressman Sean Duffy, who is up for re-election next month.

Both candidates say they’re focused on the issues shaping this year’s election.

“I’m very excited. The momentum is clearly in our direction,” says Vukmir. “People are energized, and we’re taking these last two weeks to travel all around the state, and say hello to folks that we have visited over and over again, and to get them out to vote.”

“It’s going well. We’re out talking to a lot of people,” says Rep. Duffy, “but campaign season doesn’t seem much different than a normal season. I do a lot of fairs, and dairy breakfasts, and parades, and tour businesses, and I do a lot of outreach to constituents.”

Vukmir faces off against Democratic incumbent Tammy Baldwin this November.

Meanwhile, Duffy is facing off against Democrat Margaret Engebretson.

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