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Wednesday’s storm uncovers an old dock at Lutsen Resort

LUTSEN, MN — As many in the Northland are cleaning up the damage from Wednesday’s massive storm, people at Lutsen Resort are remembering a 20 to 30-year-old gem that the storm uncovered.


“We were kind of looking out the windows and just watching things and all of a sudden someone up there said ‘look at that dock that showed up,'” said Paul Goettl, Lutsen Resort facilities director.


A dock, that was covered due to the rocks the Poplar River brought down, and the force of Lake Superior changing the beach over time and washing everything inland.


“I don’t remember seeing this dock since probably 1980,” said Goettl.


When Lutsen native, Paul Goettl got word of the uncovering, he said he remembered going to the dock with his family when he was younger.


“When I was 12, probably in the 70s, my family would come down here and fish for smelt. And I’m sure I stood on this dock and dipped the net in and caught smelt.”


Goettl guesses the dock will be covered again in a week or two, but as Lutsen Resort employees clean up the storm debris they will remember what the power of the lake uncovered.


“It can be surly and it proves itself. You just can’t stop this lake from doing what it wants to do, so you have to definitely respect it.”


Goettl said the resort has no intention of building another dock.

CeCe Gaines

Multimedia Journalist

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