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Get Outdoors: Youth ATV Safety

Riding ATVs isn’t just for grown ups.Children and teens can also get in on the action… but not without proper training first. In this week’s Get Outdoors Meteorologist Adam Lorch heads to Carlton County to check out the A-T-V certification process.

From hitting the books to the trails, experts say safety needs to be top of mind when riding ATVs.

Eric Senarighi, the Carlton County Riders President and host of the event, said “The kids, 12 to 15, need to take this course in order to become certified in the state of Minnesota to ride an ATV.”

These eager ATV riders didn’t mind spending the weekend learning.

“Basically go through in touch on the off-road vehicle handbook, regulations, laws, try to clarify things.” said Senarighi.

After the classroom , the students demonstrated how to check their ATV for problems, and show they know how to drive them safely.

Senarighi said, “Basically all of the obstacles are here that are set up as the instructors we can see them demonstrate different maneuvers”

This is the second class this year.. put on by the Carlton County Riders.

“Had another course set up earlier on, we certified 20 students there. I believe we have 21 here today. It’s a pretty good group.” said Senarighi.

There are over 1,000 instructors in Minnesota that teach about 5,000 kids a year about ATV safety.

Senarighi wants to take another step in safety in the coming years.

“We are involved with the lids for kids program. Which group actually started up and we’re hoping that we can get to a point where we can give every kid that comes to our class an ATV helmet.” said Senarighi.

For more information on Lids-4-Kids CLICK HERE

Meteorologist Adam Lorch

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