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Minnesotans with pre-existing conditions speak out against candidate’s healthcare plan

DULUTH, MN – A group of Minnesotans came together Friday to speak out against Jeff Johnson’s healthcare plan.

Three Minnesotans along with Alliance for Better Minnesota argue that under Johnson’s plan people with pre-existing conditions would be put back into high-risk pools and insurance companies could charge high costs or deny coverage.

The three speakers say they would be concerned about their health insurance if Johnson would be elected.

“I think it’s too easy for people to think oh that will never affect me or that will never affect anyone that I know. Well, you know, it affects a lot of people and, uh, we’re good people, we work hard, I think we deserve to have access to an affordable, quality health insurance, uh, regardless of a pre-existing condition,” Thad Riggle said.

Riggle, his wife and their kids all live with pre-existing conditions.

Response from Jeff Johnson:
“I’ve already addressed this several times, ABM knows all this is false and it’s simply nothing more than dishonest scare tactics. The truth is, as has been been the case in Minnesota for decades, people with pre-existing conditions will of course be covered and the high-risk pool will be heavily subsidized and affordable for every Minnesotan in it.”

Johnson faces Democrat Tim Walz in the November election.

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