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Bayfield prepares for upcoming 57th annual Apple Festival

Life on the farm can be tricky as you pick your way through the fields. 

"We wear a couple different hats here at the farm," Jim Hauser Jr., owner and operator of Hauser’s Superior View Farm, said. "Our job — from summer to fall — it varies from day-to-day, so you’re not always prepping for one thing; it’s a variety of things."

But when 50,000-plus people pour into your town of just a few hundred every year for one event in particular, you must prepare, and let the area ripen.

"Right now, we have some early varieties of apples ready, but the late ones aren’t quite ready yet, so it’s a matter of just prepping for apple fest," Hauser said. "Making sure you have all the containers you use, all, getting pickers lined up, getting all the infrastructure in place."

Right now, it’s in the early stages, but they’re stages that can be key to the community’s success.
"If we didn’t have apple fest, we’d have to rely on taking our apples — truck them somewhere to be sold," Hauser said. "Here, it helps us bringing our costumers to us to Apple Fest, and not just for apple growers, but all the minibuses here, I mean, rely on the influx of people from apple fest."

The Bayfield Apple Festival starts on Friday, October 5th, and will run all weekend long. 

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