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U.S. Steelworkers on the Iron Range rally for fair contract

Steelworkers and their families were out in full force Thursday in an effort to show a united front in their fight for a fair contract with U.S. Steel. 

Rallies took place across the country and on the Iron Range where hundreds of Steelworkers rallied in Virginia and Keewatin. 

Union leaders say U.S. Steel and ArcelorMittal have proposed contracts that don’t reflect the success of the industry, especially after 2015 when workers said they sacrificed for the company when the steel industry was not where it is today.

Leaders say workers don’t want to go on strike and they hope to come to a resolution before September 1st. 

"We don’t want a work stoppage. We just want an equal share of the profits and prosperity," said Jacob Friend, a USW Local Officer.

USW local 1938 spokespeople say if a contract deal isn’t reached by midnight September 1st, workers will decide the next steps which could include a strike. 

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