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Adam Clark


Adam Clark is the Chief Meteorologist for KBJR 6 and CBS 3, and joined the team in February 2011.

Before arriving in the Northland, Adam was the chief meteorologist for the ABC affiliate in Bend, OR. He also worked as a meteorologist in Augusta, GA, and Columbus, MS.

Adam is originally from South Carolina. Adam has chased supercells and hurricanes and enjoys forecasting for the Northland.

Adam received a B.A. in Electronic Journalism from the University of South Carolina and also has a Master’s in Geoscience/Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University. He is a member of the American Meteorological Society and holds their official AMS Seal of Approval.

When not forecasting, Adam has a ’55 Buick Century he likes to work on, and also enjoys skiing, hiking, grilling and hanging out with his wife Valerie.

Adam Clark can be reached by e-mail, or by calling 218-481-6163.

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